Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Months...

Everything has been pretty much status quo around here. JJ is getting bigger by the day, Sara is staying busy trying to keep up with him (and Chase on Tuesdays), and I'm one month closer to graduation (not that I'm counting down or anything).

JJ has discovered a new skill in climbing stairs and is very willing to show you how good he is at it if you're not paying close attention. He continues to cruise over the house by crawling and is getting closer to piecing together walking. He's rock solid as long as he's holding onto something (couch, table, one of us) and stands pretty well. We have been pushing the couches apart and putting toys he likes on either side so that he has to walk between them. So far we get 2-3 steps and then a nosedive into the couch, but he's definitely getting better.

No definite words yet, but his babbling is getting clearer and more consistent. Can't imagine it'll be long now till we get a couple of words out of him, but I can't even count anymore how many times I've heard from people "the sooner they talk, the sooner they talk back." I guess we should just enjoy the semi-quiet for now.

Sara is progressing really well on her mini-marathon training. She ran her first training 5K last Saturday and was middle of the pack for women for her time. I thought that was pretty good for someone who has only been training for a few weeks and has not ran competitively since high school. I can't remember her time, but I do remember thinking that I probably couldn't do it. She has a 10K coming up this weekend and then 15K a few weeks later, but we'll be in Hawaii for that one so I gotta make sure she runs that one on Waikiki beach.

So far my resolutions are going well. Here's a quick recap/update:
1. I have increased my reading/studying (though not sure I'm quite at an extra hour/week).
2. I've reached a new belt loop since last year and I'm only 3# away from 200# for the first time since 8th grade.
3. Still have two months till he's supposed to be doing algebra... JJ isn't quite grasping polynomials yet, but he's pretty good at solving for x - so that's a start!
Aunt Betty found these baby scrubs while working in D.C. You can't see the emblem, but they are White House surgical scrubs.
I don't have anything else too exciting in terms of updates for me, so I'll just distract you with a few extra pictures of JJ here instead...
PS. Check my last post - Super Bowl prediction right on the money!

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  1. I noticed u r keepig him away from your cousin. Im sure he wld be speaking clearly if he were around me more, though im sure the word selection might be questionable. Glad everything is going well. Polynomials are a little rough, might take him a few extra days for those. I saw his thory for basic black hole spatial reasoning and while he had a few miscalculaions with the forces of gravitational pull from the neutron stars, his grasp of the concept was impressive. I look forward to his future published works. Have a great day cuz!