Monday, May 16, 2011


12 months have come and gone... and we are ALL still alive to talk about it! (Even Cubbie!) And you are all lucky to have ME to tell you about it at this mile marker instead of Scott! (I guess I have a little more free time than he does!)
Not a day goes by that we have a hard time remembering this little we are sooo amazed at how fast time has gone, as well as, how BIG our little boy is now! Our "little" 8 pound 10 ounce J.J. is now 25 pounds and in the 93% for his height! Thanks to his cousin, Chase, J.J. has very quickly become a walking pro, as well as able to push and shove to get what he wants!
J.J. has been trying to talk for the past few months. I had been able to teach him a few signs..."more" and "all done" he had been able to tell a little bit. He also has "No, no, no!" down pat! Even waving his finger when someone says it! (Can you tell what he hears A LOT of?!?!?!) I was blessed to get a special surprise for Mother's Day...he said "DADA"! I said..."You're not supposed to say that! It's Mother's Day!" And what was J.J.'s reaction...he LAUGHED in my face! Since then, we have heard a few "MOM"s and Aunt Anna swears that he said "ANNA" today...but I think he was asking for a BANANA!
As for J.J.'s 1st Birthday Bash...I pretty much did EVERYTHING that Parents Magazine said to NOT do for a 1st Birthday Party! Small crowd...40 people is small right? Do not schedule the party during nap was from 2-6pm so I made him take a nap 2 hours after he woke up that morning! Don't go overboard...are 30 balloons TOO many?? Scott's job was to just keep his mouth shut...but his eyes said it all when he came home from picking up the balloons! J.J. had a great time opening all his gifts and eating all the icing off his cake! We were blessed to have such wonderful family and friends help celebrate with us!
With April being one of the busiest months for us...we managed a vacation, I finished my mini training, celebrated MANY birthdays, and 2 Easter celebrations...I'm surprised we made it! We have now entered less than 2 months til Scott starts his new practice! We are all very excited about it! Scott has been picking out gloves, his desk and chair for his office, and the biggest decision...the name of the office! I'm not sure Hendricks Regional will approve of "The Cline Center of Excellence" maybe "Avon Neurology" will do?? (I'm sure the next few posts will be
more and more about our new journey!)
As April has come to an end, once again, I say we've made it! J.J. has been such a blessing to us and always makes our days sunny!

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  1. Congratulations! My favorite line is "Scott's job was to keep his mouth shut" and I am going to use it on my husband. It looks like JJ had a great birthday and there are many more to come!