Saturday, August 20, 2011

15 months and 13 weeks...

It has been a while since we last posted...considering JJ is almost 16 months old, I figured I should post something before that time came! :-)
We are all staying pretty busy! JJ and I have frequented the Children's Museum, made a trip to the State Fair, and have made several trips to the neighborhood trip included Scott needing to make an emergency trip to Verizon as he was in the pool for a good 15 minutes before he realized his phone was still in his pocket! Better yet...HE WAS ON CALL! I also to JJ over the state lines for the 1st time to Louisville for the day to visit my friend Jenny and her new little guy, Paxton! I know...I'm such an adventurous mom! :-)
As for Scott, having a "real" job is working well for him! He opened Avon Neurology July 13th, and will be joined by a partner in the Fall. Hendricks Regional wasn't lying when they said they needed help! He has been busy since day 1! 6 weeks in, and I still can't get used to him being home by 5:30...or making sure there is something for dinner! :-)
We also just had the pleasure of celebrating yet another wedding, well actually 2! First was David and Liz...David is a fellow "Underwear Gnome"! We had a great time with some fellow softballers at the wedding! Most recently, we celebrated the wedding of David and Mo Buell!!! It was a wonderful time! We were able to spend the weekend with our best friends and had a blast! As we laughed about it later...Scott said 15% of their CRHS class was at the wedding! It is such a blessing to have had friends for 15+ years!
JJ has definitely taken off!!! He is getting pretty tall...last measurement on 7/29, JJ was 34 inches tall! I am NOT looking forward to EVER taking this kid shopping for pants! It just may be the death of me! As for his talking...he always has to be heard! Some words are starting to come out more clearly than others. It's hard to not tell he wants a snack when he walks over to the fridge and yells "NACK!!!" He also LOVES to pick on poor Cubbie, either chasing him around the house or pretending that he is going to share his Goldfish or Puffs with him! Although, my all time favorite is when you ask if he's ready for bed, he very easily says "Yeah" and starts heading up the stairs! (And YES...I am 99% sure this will change one day, but for now I'll enjoy it!)
So that takes up the 15 on to the 13 weeks...
JJ is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!! I am 13 weeks pregnant! Everything has gone just perfect so far! We continue to pray for a perfect 27 weeks to go! So the battle it a Boy or a GIRL??? Scott is hoping for another "Gold Medal", but I think it's just so I don't have to buy anything! I, of course, want a little girl to get rid of all this BOY STUFF (and to go shopping)! All joking aside...We are beyond thrilled and cannot wait to welcome this blessing into our family!


  1. Congratulations, Scott and Sara! We have two girls 19 months apart...we were hoping for a boy (maybe next time), but they are so cute together; I love it. Congratulations to Scott as well on his practice. How exciting for you both:)

  2. Congratulations Scott and Sara!! JJ will be an excellent big brother. I'm happy to hear Scott's new practice is doing well.