Saturday, July 14, 2012

4, 26, and 360 months!

Boy!  Has time flown by!!!  Considering our last post was when Charlie was born, I figured it was time for an update!  I know you are all lost without knowing what is going on with the Clines!  :-)

Charlie is now 4 months old!  Learning more and more everyday!  This week he has mastered holding on to a few toys and really "playing" with them!  It amazes us how so alike yet so different he is than JJ.  There are days when he looks JUST like JJ!  But then there are days he 100% looks like a Fon!  At his 4 month appointment, he weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds!  And THAT would be how different he is than JJ!  :-)

JJ is now 26 months old!  We celebrated his 2nd Birthday in April!  Had a GREAT time celebrating with everyone!  Of course it was BEAUTIFUL the beginning of April...but was cold and nasty again by the time his birthday came around!  We were thinking JJ would actually be able to have a pool party for his birthday!  :-)  JJ's new found love is the swimming pool!  Whether it's at home or swimming at the Y, he LOVES being in the water!  He has completed 3 sessions of swim lessons at the Y and will probably take a few more over the Winter to keep him familiar with it.  Who knows...maybe he will be the next "Michael Phelps"?!?! 

As for 360 months....that's ME!  Turned the BIG 30 in June!  Scott took me to dinner at Eddie Merlot's, which is my favorite!!!  Definitely ate TOO much!  But that's what you're supposed to do on your birthday, right?!?!  :-)  Then I had a wonderful Birthday Day!  Church and breakfast with some of the greatest people I know, took JJ to get a cool Summer haircut, got manis and pedis with my sisters and Aunt Sheryl, and then dinner and ice cream cake with my whole family!  Turning 30 wasn't that bad!  Now, next year may be another story! 

And for Scott...guess we can't leave him out...we just celebrated his 31st Birthday (or I guess 372 months to keep with the theme!)  Work has been keeping him busy.  Traveled to New Orleans in April for a conference, and has managed to make some time to golf! 

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