Sunday, September 5, 2010

4 months...

JJ has been hitting a lot of milestones over the past month. Not only is he still smiling consistently but he is laughing more and more. His grasp has improved a ton since my last blog, so much so that he is starting to pull hair (not just us, but Cubbie too). His latest achievement has been rolling over. And not just once and done like I figured he would start out... almost as quickly that he flipped back to front he was flipping back over. Now I basically have a log rolling down a river for a son. Sara or I will walk into the kitchen just to grab a drink or put a dish away and upon our return his head is either under the coffee table or pinned next to his chair swing. If I'm gonna be gone for than 30 seconds I've starting jamming pillows on either side of him to keep him in place!
Try out the movie clip below!

JJ also made his debut at Fogo last month during Devour Downtown. Matt and Abby, Heather, and Stevie joined us as well - always a good time whenever a group like that gets together. Sara tried a caipirinha, I won an argument against Matt about lamb, and we all got papaya cream with creme de cassis. Letting someone else pay for my Fogo is better financially, but not nearly as much fun.

The Cline family had their picture taken a couple of weeks ago at St. Malachy. Once our pictures arrived, I started looking back at JJ's old photos and wow has he changed. When he was first born, he was definitely a Cline. I think he looked just like me when I was born - especially with the thick dark hair and large blue eyes. But I gotta admit that 4 months later, he's starting to show more and more Fon.

Had our 4 month checkup last week and he just keeps getting bigger. For some reason I always hear Michael Buffer in my head when we take him into the measurement room... "And now... weighing in at 14# 6.5 oz... measuring 25.5 inches long... JJ Cline! (for those who don't know that's the "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" boxing announcer). Everything checked out just fine. Unfortunately, he also got another round of vaccines. However, while the first injection was a surprise to him - he did not cry at all. That's more than I can say for me...

I had my shoulder injected early that morning and I was not prepared for what a human joint feels like when it is abruptly filled with fluid. I wasn't sure it was going to do any good, but my shoulder hasn't felt this good in years and I now think everyone should have it done - whether you have pain or not. Hoping to get back into the gym this week, which gives Sara and I nine months to get into beach shape for Matt and Abby's wedding.

That's about all I got for now. I'll leave you with another installment of my favorite names from Riley that will ensure a proper future: Nevaeh (note the name spelled backwards), Oranjelo and Lemonjelo (they are twins), Miracle, Desire, and Precious.

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