Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 months...

July has been a busy month for me, and therefore Sara as well. I am finishing up a surprisingly busy month at the VA. In addition, I had a couple extra calls to help the new residents get their feet wet before throwing them into the night call pool. Add that to a few moonlighting shifts, a busy 4th of July weekend (special shout out to Pete and all his guys who put on a spectacular firework show from him backyard), a couple Fogo dinners, and a couple days of golf and that adds up to a busy month. Unfortunately (but luckily at least in this context) my shoulder has limited my weight lifting and softball and that has freed up a lot of nights.
Our anniversary was July 17 but Sara allowed me to delay our anniversary celebration a week so I could golf up in Hobart with Dave, Cook, and Andy. We played quite well and even won a little money for winning our flight.
The next weekend Sara and I dropped off JJ with the Fons and went to Jack Johnson up at Deer Creek (it'll always be DC to me, just like the Hoosier Dome -- take that RCA). Bought pavilion seats for the first time because of concerns about rain. Didn't know the last 2 rows of the pavilion are not under the canopy though, man I would have been mad if it had rained. Luckily it didn't rain till the ride home. Otherwise it was a beautiful night and a great show. Gotta say I loved being able to take our time, walk in during the opening acts, grab our seats and hang out in a smoke free area till the show started. I was surprised at how smoke free it stayed during the show and I'm definitely thinking those seats are worth the extra $20/ea just for that.

JJ has been spending a lot of time with the Fons over the past few weeks. Sara and I have been trying to get into shape but our inconsistent schedules have made that difficult. Graciously, Sara's family has been willing to watch JJ while we hit the gym. Also Sara went back to work two weeks ago, just Friday afternoons. It's not really for the extra money, but that it gives her time to be around adults and talk normal English with normal inflection for 5hrs/week. Most importantly we keep our discounts - who knew kids clothes were so expensive. Shirts for JJ and I the other day cost the same amount!

I took JJ to the barber shop the other day because Tommy said exposing him to the sounds of the clippers early would make getting his hair cut later much easier. I sat him on my lap the whole time and even when Tommy took the clippers close to him he didn't flinch. I was tempted to get him that trim he's needed since the day he was born but figured it wasn't worth Sara never speaking to me again. By the way, for those who said JJ's hair would fall out take a look at his latest pictures. For those who are thinning up top, we're taking bids for hair rights when we do finally cut it. Should be long enough to weave into something respectable.
No updates from the doctors office since we don't have to go back until his 4mo checkup. I'm sure JJ is quite content with that because I think he gets vaccinations at his next 3 visits. Since we don't have a weight update Sara weighed him on our scale at home by subtracting her weight from the total. He came in at 12.5#. Not sure how official that is, but sounds like we're still on the right track.
Sara and JJ have developed a pretty consistent routine during the day, which includes sleeping through the entire night!!! That does of course lead to less sleep during the day but I think Sara has distractions figured out so she can still get stuff done. He enjoys his mat with the mirror octopus, seahorse, and kickball (thanks Dave and Mo), his baseball rattle, and not surprisingly the television. Sara puts it on cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry (none of that newer crap). I put it on SportsCenter or a Cubs game and he's still mesmerized. I think it's 55" of HD that he's impressed with but whatever it is that keeps him from crying I'll take it.

For some reason I got the urge to check the Riley ER list. Gotta leave you with an update of what I am calling "Names You Should Name Your Child if You Want to Visit Riley Hospital." Here are a few of today's favorites: Atlanta, Kaya, Jarek, Xaiden, Chaydon, Jadn (yes these are spelled right), and the best of the night... Tamiracle. Good luck to all these children in their future job interviews.

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  1. How are those names going to look on a business card? And how would you like to have to explain why your parents name you Tamiracle for the rest of your life. JJ is a cutie and I am glad to hear everyone is doing well!