Thursday, July 1, 2010

Been Awhile...

The past month has been quite busy; busy enough that I haven't kept up this blog well. With Father's Day, Sara's birthday, and my birthday all within two weeks we had plenty to celebrate. And don't forget 3 weeks now of World Cup soccer. I could write this entire blog about how the US got hosed, but I'm making my peace with it.

JJ donned his Slovenia soccer outfit for the US v Slovenia match. Sara and JJ joined several other Slovenes down at IUPUI student center to watch the game. Great game with an ending that is still debated at every Fon gathering.

For Father's Day we went over to Betsy and Grant's for a late breakfast. This was after JJ made his first, and certainly not last, visit to Charlie Brown's.
We had our first night out without JJ on Sara's birthday last week. Sara and I took off for Eddie Merlot's (shouldn't surprise Egan that we had a coupon) and left JJ with Sheryl and Stevie. Took a second run at Bananas Foster and just as good as we remembered. Proud to say that we did not call home once to make sure everything was ok and everyone survived.
Earlier that day we took a family trip to Edinburg and hit the outlet mall. JJ loaded up on jeans while Sara and I made our semi-annual clothing upgrades. As always great deals and I'll never buy my dress shirts anywhere else, highly recommend it.

The next day was a cathartic experience because we took JJ for his 2 month check up. He measure 2 in taller and weighed in at 11# 5.5oz, very happy with that. He's measuring 47th percentile in weight, but 73rd percetile for height. After talking with the doctor though, JJ got his first round of shots. He took 3 needles to the thighs and one oral vaccine. Oral rotavirus went fine but he was NOT happy about the injections. Luckily, he screamed for about 15min and then slept most of the next 2 days.

My birthday came next and that day I got a phone call from Betty and Denny asking if we had time for dinner. Sara had been planning on dropping JJ off and taking me out, but a nice stay at home dinner with visitors sounded just as good. They got to meet JJ and share stories from overseas. Apparently they are planning their next posting in Kabul, so I don't see us visiting there. Maybe we can meet them halfway, perhaps somewhere in eastern Europe??? Denny also brought me another bottle of Tokaji. Just looking for a reason to crack it open...

JJ may be getting bigger by the day, but just as importantly he is getting that much closer to sleeping through the night. Sara tells me (because I wouldn't wake up if he hit me in the face with his rattle) that he will sleep a solid 5 hours or so now.

As of today, I have 364 more days till my residency ends and I get to attack those looming student loans. Talk about a cathartic experience, can't wait. Till next time...


  1. I cannot get over all of that dark hair!! I am happy to hear everyone is doing well and I look forward to reading more!

  2. I love that you took your son to Charlie Brown's...