Saturday, May 29, 2010

One Month Down!

This week JJ turned one month old and he seems to be getting bigger and stronger by the day. We have been working on head control during tummy time and while he is not the biggest fan of lying face down, he is definitely making progress.

Sara and JJ seem to be developing a routine and despite the occasional hiccup it has worked. He consistently eats around 1030-11PM and then will sleep till 230-4AM. Sara will feed him again and most days he'll sleep till at least 7AM. Not too bad, but easy for me to say because I'm not the one having to get up everynight. The rest of the day is basically feed him when he wants it, change him when he needs it, and work on pitching mechanics and teach him basic algebra in the off time. I've been on vacation this past week, so his sessions have been pretty intense but so far he is up to the task.

My cousin Matt came over two weeks ago and took JJ's first set of pictures. They came out great and Sara is working on getting some of them printed. Dad brought Great-grandma Cline to meet JJ during our photo shoot, so we got some good pictures of them with JJ as well.

The week after Sara and I took JJ over to meet Great-grandma Braun for the first time. This was only after my grandma left an email wondering why a month had gone by without a visit (OOPS!). JJ behaved himself pretty well and both grandma and Jane took turns holding him.

We also got a special visit from JJ's namesake (not really) Jeff Nally. That was difficult to type that because he's always been JJ and I refuse to call him Jeff. He stopped by Thursday and entertained us with stories about his family and so on. Always good to have him around.

JJ's one month check-up was Wednesday and he is growing quickly! He is now 22inches tall and 9#8oz. Next visit should be interesting as he gets 3 vaccine injections. Luckily I'm on vacation that week too. Something tells me I'll be holding a not-too-happy infant while handing tissues to a not-too-happy mother.

PS: I'm on call right now and am monitoring the Riley ER for possible consults that I will have to drive downtown to see. Just to add evidence to my theory regarding the correlation between a child's name and childhood disease here is sampling of some names on the board right now...

Rickia, Darcey, Tanner, and (my personal favorite so far for today) Kal-el. That's right, named after Superman himself. Those are some big shoes to fill kid, good luck!

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  1. Tell Sara she looks beautiful!!! Motherhood suits her! And I still cannot get over all of that dark hair!!