Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Peds Appointment

Things are starting to make more sense as Sara and I develop a routine around here. Of course, this will only hold for 8 more hours as I start back to work on 5/2 with an overnight call at Wishard. Now that I'll be back at work full time (plus a second part-time job) more of the burden with JJ and the house will fall on Sara. Luckily, we have multiple family members close by who love to come by and see JJ. Hopefully, we can coerce their visits as a chance for Sara to take a break, run errands, etc.

So Wednesday was the big day for meeting our new pediatrician. Her name is Dr. Fesenmeier and she recently opened a practice in the STV network off 700N in Bburg. She knows the Fons from St. Malachy and Ritter and I have met her husband several times as he is a neurologist at Clarian West. Nice people overall and figured we'd keep it in the St. Malachy, Ritter, IU family - so to speak.

We arrived 10 minutes before our appointment, which of course was 20 minutes later than we were told to be there to fill out paperwork. It only took one trip to the MD to realize how much time it takes to pack up an infant. Everyone marveled at JJ's full head of hair and before long he was tipping the scales at 8# 4oz. He was born at 8#11oz, so this was pretty good for 4 days later. He'll regain that weight in no time, if he hasn't already. Dr. Fesenmeier checked him out and said he was perfectly healthy. JJ made sure she heard his lungs nice and clear (and loud). He charted at 90% for height, 75% for weight, and 70% for head circumference. She said at 21.5 inches she expects him to be at least 6ft tall, so I'm pretty happy with that. Plus no shots for 2 months, so Sara was very happy with that.

Today JJ got a visit from Vickie and Montana. Neither of them got to see JJ in the hospital since Montana was too young and Vickie stayed home because of illness. Both were very excited and timed it well because JJ was awake the entire visit. Each held him and even after a couple spit ups when Vickie asked "Montana what do you think" she replied, "I like him." Later on Saturday we had dinner with Sara's parents. There JJ got his first run in with Bob and Mary Francis Mohr. He was passed out by that time, but he got a very nice outfit from them that we'll have to try out when he gets bigger.

Overall, I gotta think week one was a success:
1. Sara and I have managed to at least get enough sleep to be functional
2. Lots of family came by to meet JJ. Plus, Dave and Mo stopped by (with dinner, thanks again) as did Andy without any problems
3. Cubbie is very active around the house with JJ and his face licking comes in handy when trying to wake him
4. Got new front room furniture that is hopefully a little more kid friendly
5. JJ and I watched our first Cubs game together... and they actually won.

Keep the W flag hanging high because this will be a year to remember.

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  1. Congratulations and JJ is beautiful! I love his dark hair and cannot believe how much hair he has! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and I look forward to reading more!!!