Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homeward Bound

My Facebook post may have been a little premature yesterday about heading home. I sent that around 6PM as we only had a hearing test and the newborn screen left to do. Unfortunately, JJ didn't really appreciate his circumcision that occurred a few hours prior. He hadn't eaten much that afternoon because he was either crying or passed out to the point he wouldn't/couldn't wake up. After some prolonged coaxing, he finally got his tests done and was eating well enough to take off. We hit the door around 10PM and that was just the start of the night...

Katie came by to set up a Pack-and-Play for us and left us dinner. Nothing like fried chicken and mac&cheese at 11PM; wouldn't make a habit out of it but it hit the spot last night (thanks again Katie). JJ was met by a very excited dog, and surprisingly it went very well. Cubbie sniffed him all over, licked his face a few times, and after that you couldn't separate them. I really do think he will sleep at the foot of JJ's bed eventually, but for right now he instead runs around with his tail wagging, barking, and wanting to play.

I think last night Sara found out what it is like being on call. She took the first shift of being with him overnight because everytime we laid him down he'd awaken and start crying. I got hit and miss sleep from 1AM to 6AM while Sara somehow stayed up the entire time. She finally went to bed and I held him from 6-830. We both took naps the following day with vivid dreams of what it'll be like when he can sleep alone and for more than 45min at a time. Finding out that he loves his baby rocker makes me hopeful that day is closer than I would have guessed last night.

Stevie and Phyllis brought us dinner today, thanks Phyllis. Stevie got to meet JJ for the first time. He did pretty well with him despite JJ being a little grumpy when they got here. Even though he cried a couple times Stevie didn't flinch. He jumped in head first, which is more than I can say for Betsy and her loving index finger :) (see photos below).
If tonight goes well, Sara says she's up for visitors so send either of us a text and we'll figure out a good time to come by.

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