Monday, April 26, 2010

Day #2

Is it wrong to say that day 2 could be better than day 1? I'll always remember yesterday: Sara's induction and delivery, JJ's arrival, and even the stress related to the above plus him needing some extra attention. Even with all that, today has to rank in the top 10 for me. Let me recount the day and you can tell me if I'm crazy...

Sara arose around 6AM and helped with JJ's first bath. I apparently didn't awake to my invitation, but that's ok. She returned with good news. JJ's supplemental oxygen had been decreased overnight and by 9AM it was completely off. He also started feeds today and for each successful feeding his IV fluids were decreased. As of now they are at 1ml/hr and should be turned off soon.

Dad showed up around noon and got to meet his newest grandson. Didn't get any pics of it because I left the camera in the room, oops! Sheryl and Wood showed up soon thereafter and of course there was no way she was forgetting to take pics. Then had a quick lunch at Rock Bottom with Sheryl and Wood (paid for by Wood's baby pool winnings, thanks Wood). Upon my return, Theresa and the kids were waiting in our room. Not two minutes later Katie shows up and we took turns taking JJ's aunts back to meet him.

The next few hours are a mystery to me as I fell asleep in Sara's bed while she ate lunch. However, I learned something the NBA is good for - improving sleep hygiene. If you can't sleep, turn on the first half of an NBA game. It's better than Ambien, Lunesta, and whiskey combined. I'm gonna copy the music from the NBA pregame intro and turn it into a lullaby for JJ.

I awoke around 630 to Steve, Phyllis, Anna, Stevie, and Betsy visiting. The grandparents got to see him before treating us to 25 cent Blizzards. Spent a little more time back in the nursery before Sara came back to the room and finally got some sleep. That left me time to write this blog and watch most of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I can't turn this movie off because Gene Wilder reminds me of Mac, my high school baseball coach. Not many movies get me to laugh outloud repeatedly and this is one of them...

Quick name your favorite WW quote...

Off the top of my head, here's my list:
5) I'm sorry, I'm a trifle deaf in this ear. You'll have to speak up.

4) He'll be made into marshmallows in 5 seconds. Impossible! Ridiculous my dear lady, absurd! Unthinkable! Why? That tube doesn't go to the marshmallow room. It goes to the fudge room!

3) What was that thing? Hsawaknow. What is that Japanese? No, it's WonkaWash backwards.

2) Open your mouth a little wider when you speak.

1) I'm sorry but all questions must be submitted in writing. Thank you. Moving on!
Sounds like Sara is going to be released tomorrow, but haven't heard if JJ is going with us just yet. I'll be sure and let everyone know the plan is. Tomorrow's installment will either be Day 3 in the hospital or, hopefully, Day 1 at home.

PS. The 25 cent Blizzard sale ends tomorrow so get to your local DQ and load up. I recommend either the caramel brownie or chocolate covered cherries!

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  1. "In springtime, the only pretty ring time, birds sing hey ding... a-ding, a-ding, sweet lovers love... the spring." :)