Saturday, April 24, 2010


Didn't really know what to expect as today started. Showed up at the hospital around 8AM and registration took 2 minutes. Sara was in bed and getting her meds within an hour, no problem. Heart monitor attached and heart rate was within normal range consistently, again no problem. Epidural placed with a little trouble passing the catheter, but again overall no problem. We were 7 hours into our stay when Sara said she suddenly felt a lot of pressure and sure enough the baby was on his way...

There was a great deal of excitement and wonder during the entire process. I was so revved up at one point that Sara caught me pacing (that was a first). There was also a palpable feeling of deja vu from exactly 53 weeks before. While trying not to show my concern, I kept waiting for something to maybe go wrong. It had before. Things were going just too well. Different date, different story, different outcome. JJ showed up about 45min later. At this moment he is now 5.5 hrs old and doing pretty well. He is in the transitional care unit because he still needs a little oxygen. He's also getting empiric antibiotics just in case, but our RN says that babies who are delivered that quickly often don't clear their lungs in time before they have to start breathing so this is not atypical in these situations. The plan is to start weaning his oxygen as his levels tolerate and eventually he'll either cough it all up or just reabsorb it. I've gotten pretty good at reading MDs and RNs faces and can tell when they aren't being straight with patients; so far they don't seem all that concerned so at least for the moment neither am I.

Mom is doing well also. Her epidural is almost completely worn off and we've visited JJ once this evening already. She doesn't look the least bit tired and didn't take a nap today which shocks me. Around 8:30 PM or so I could barely keep my eyes open and all I did was stand there. I did make about 30 phone calls afterward so maybe that's why. Or it could have been the QDoba.
I will continue to post information about both Sara and JJ on here as well as via email and Facebook. I hope Day #1 was as good for you as it was for me. Stay tuned it should be a fun and entertaining ride.


  1. Thanks for the update! You guys look so happy, and we couldn't be happier for you! Everything changes from here on..and it's an awesome feeling. Enjoy! and welcome to the parent'hood!

  2. I most definitely think it was the Qdoba that made you sleepy. And watching all that hard work. Your son looks great. Congratulations.