Friday, November 12, 2010

Tales from Mrs. Dr. Dad, MD...

Since it has been a while since Scott last updated his blog, it was suggested that I write one for him! (Probably had NOTHING to do with me nagging him about JJ almost being 7 months old and that he had not posted anything for month 6!) :-) So I have never done anything like this, besides my random postings on here I go...

We'll start with JJ...His 6 month check up went great! I actually took him all by myself, and had to watch him get 3 shots! Unfortunately, I am the one to blame for the was his flu shot and they asked if I wanted him to have one. I do not even think they were finished asking me before I said yes! Anything that can be done to help prevent him from getting sick...sign me up! JJ was 16 pounds 5 ounces, and grew another 1 1/2 inches! He's definitely gonna be tall and skinny! We have started to transition him to formula and he is a BIG fan of rice cereal. I am thinking the treat this weekend will be to try out his 1st veggies! We'll see how that goes! JJ has definitely become a little stinker! I have never thought something soo stinky could come out of someone so small! I have dealt with messes before...helping raise Anna and Stevie, having to clean up vomit and fixing broken toilets at the store...but I would have to say I thought I was going to vomit for the 1st time while changing JJ's diaper the other day! Scott came in to see if I needed help and he could barely walk into the room!

Any day now, JJ will be on the go! He definitely has the rocking motion down to start crawling, but tends to only move backwards! He does have a bit of an Army crawl, so between that and rolling around, he can definitely get to something if he really wants it! I have already started using "NO" A LOT! Then he looks at me and starts to laugh! Times like that, I know he is Scott's son! :-)

Moving on to Scott...He has been busy with work over the past month. He just finished a month working at Riley, and is glad that is over. He has never really liked working on the Peds. side of neurology to begin with, but hates it even more with having JJ around now. For the rest of this month, he is working at IU, and continuing working extra shifts at Methodist Occupational Health. We have been trying to get into a workout schedule, but Scott's shoulder has been acting up again so we have been very hit or miss with gym time!

As for me...I have tried to get JJ and I in a schedule. For the most part, we have pretty easy days. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that JJ sleeps 10+ hours a night, so that means that I get to sleep in til about 8 or 9 each day! :-) I have been working a couple times a month at Old Navy still. Definitely love the fact that I get to say..."It's 1pm...Time for me to go home!" :-) We are also saving our money up for our vacations! Scott has a conference in Hawaii in April and we have a wedding to go to in June in Mexico! Everyone asks if we are taking JJ with us and I quickly answer NO! I know we will miss him A TON but Mom AND JJ need a vacation!

JJ's 1st Halloween was a success! Unfortunately, Scott's grandmother had passed away earlier that week, so we were not able to make all the stops we wanted. We were able to do an "early" Trick-or-Treating at Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Steve's house that Friday, as my family all gathered to carve pumpkins. And then on Halloween, we were able to make it home in time for Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood. So we got JJ all dressed up in his Shark costume and took him to our neighbors and then handed out candy at our house! I'm sure JJ was trying to figure out what in the heck was going on!

So here we are...a beautiful week in November! I suggested to Scott that he put up the Christmas lights outside this weekend. He looked at me like I was crazy and then I replied..."Well, I don't want to hear you cry about it when it's freezing out!" :-)

And to end my ramblings...

It is that time of year that we look back at all that we are thankful for, and I want to take this time to thank ALL of our friends and family! You have each played such a special part in our lives and we are better people because of all of you! We thank you for always being there for us and we hope we do the same for you and your families!
Here's wishing you all a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

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