Wednesday, December 8, 2010's ME again! :-)

Once again, you all have the pleasure of hearing from Mrs. Dr. Dad, MD.!!!

November and December are always so busy for everyone, so I'm not surprised that I am needing to keep up with the blog. Scott has been busy with work, having to work a few extra calls and such because a few other residents are out on medical leave, as well as picking up a few extra shifts to help pay for our Hawaii trip! The plan was for us to save the $50/week that I would get at Old Navy to pay for some of the trip...well, that has pretty much turned into paying my Old Navy Visa bill because I can't make it out of there with at least getting 1 thing! :-)
JJ was has been able to achieve A LOT of Firsts over the past few weeks!

1. He has achieved a 100% in crawling! (And yes...everyone was right about not wanting him to learn to crawl soo soon!) He knows just how to get to things and there is always a look of determination in his eyes if he really want to get something!

2. 1st Haircut! Yes...I know! He's only 7 months! But it was OUT OF CONTROL! We took him to Everyday Joe's in Brownsburg where Scott's barber, Tommy, had the pleasure of cutting my little boy's hair! Here's a few pictures to enjoy...

3. JJ's 1st Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was wonderful! We were able to spend the day with my parents, Stephen, Anna, and Sheryl and Wood. Then we took JJ to a visit with Grandma Polly...and to surprise her with his new look, as she was the one who kept asking if we had gotten his hair cut yet! :-)

4. 1st TOOTH!!! JJ and I had gone to church with my family, went to mom's and had breakfast, JJ played, met Scott home from work, and all of a sudden I see something catch the light in JJ's mouth! Sure enough...his 1st tooth! We had gone ALL day without noticing it! Looking back at it, he just hadn't really been the same the few days before. A little cranky, sleepy, and just wanted to be held, but nothing out of control, so I had NO IDEA that this tooth was trying to make it's appearance! We don't have any pictures of it yet, as 99% of it is still in his gums, but I can already see the next one is going to be joining us soon! Maybe next month we'll have a picture!

5. Last but not least...I would have to say he is 99.9% with his sitting skills and has pretty much mastered getting into a sitting position from crawling! It is SOO funny to go walking in his room in the morning to see him just sitting there in his bed playing with his blanket and glow worm! He could probably sit there all day if I'd let him!

So there's JJ's 7th month in a glance! We are very excited for his 1st Christmas and can't to tell you all about the loud toys that do not turn off! :-)

Wishing you and your families all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sara

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  1. What a beautiful family! I cannot believe JJ needed his first haircut at 7 months old or that JJ is 7 months old already!